Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management Services
Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management Services

Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management ServicesTexas First Group was created to provide interim management services for Texas municipalities.  Texas First Group is owned and operated by Kerry Sweatt who has over 38 years’ experience in public administration and over 33 years’ service as city manager.  Additionally, Texas First Group has over 250 associates with an average of over 33 years of public administration experience.  The company understands the problems of cities that are experiencing a management vacancy and the need for staff leadership and assistance to the Mayor and City Council.

Often local governments find themselves in a dilemma when faced with a management vacancy. While the practice of appointing an existing staff member to fill an interim position is common, such action may dilute that individual's ability to perform in either position. Consequently, the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization may be compromised.

Texas First Group is able to place qualified, experienced individuals to serve in interim professional municipal positions. Contract city management services offer the following advantages:

  • The local government is not committed to a long-term contract. The entity can contract for the time period that best meets the needs of the organization and which also saves the expense of full time employment.
  • A contract gives the local government the opportunity to receive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.
  • Interim management services will assure availability of professional personnel upon short notice to eliminate the operational “gap” when vacancies occur.
  • This arrangement gives the entity the necessary time to properly seek and hire an individual as city manager or department head that best meets the needs of the organization and community.

In contracting with Texas First Group, local governments have available to them the experience, assistance, and resources of all
personnel of the company at no additional cost.

Other services, such as training, goal setting, planning, and problem solving clinics are also available.

Charges for services may be contracted on an hourly basis, plus expenses. The hourly rate is determined by the budgeted salary of the position, plus benefits. Expenses may include transportation, housing, and other direct out­of-pocket expenses. Rates and specific terms of the contract will be customized to fit the needs of the client.

Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management Services

Letters of recommendation and resumes of the company principal and associates are available upon request. Also, representatives of Texas First Group are available to meet with the city to discuss a specific proposal.

Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management Services Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management Services
“Thank you very much for the services provided to the City of Huntsville .. . .1 would happily recommend Texas First to any local government needing assistance.”
Mac Woodward, Mayor City of Huntsville

“Please let this letter stand as reference for your firm and the fine service they provide. We were able to continue to pursue our yearly goals and objectives, not wait until a qualified administrator arrived to make decisions. We found an excellent candidate because we had the time to look.”
J. Patrick Henry, Mayor City of Angleton

“The City of Galveston was very pleased with the services of Texas First Group, and should the need arise.., we will certainly keep you at the top of our list”
Joe Jaworski, Mayor City of Galveston

"I would heartily recommend Texas First Group to any city that finds itself in the situation of searching for a City Manager or other professional staff members."
Judy Flanders, Mayor, City of Borger, Texas

"As an elected representative of the community, it was of great assistance to me to have the interim City Managers on duty."
Robert D. Josserand. Mayor, City of Hereford, Texas

“The Town Council would like to thank Texas First group for providing an interim City Manager that allowed the town to operate smoothly and without disruption during the past five months. I knowledge, experience and leadership was invaluable during this transition. During his short tenure with Pantego, he worked closely with the staff and provided the Council with an overall evaluation which identified operational strengths and weaknesses within the Town. The information and recommendations he provided to the Council will be extremely useful as the Town moves forward in 2020. Again, thank you for the services you provided to the Town of Pantego.”
Doug Davis, Mayor, Town of Pantego

“The city of Uvalde would like to thank Texas First Group for providing us with a top rate interim city manager for the eight months we were fortunate enough to serve with each other. Mr. Sweatt came in and melded with our city staff and the citizens of Uvalde very well. In his time with us, he did his job as if he were a permanent employee, always giving 100% to the office he held.”
Don McLaughlin, Jr., Mayor of Uvalde, Texas.

"The Texas First Group interim provided us with the experience and knowledge we needed to help the City Council and staff to continue operationally while searching for a permanent City Administrator. I heartily recommend Texas First Group to any City."
Garry Manitzas, Mayor City of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.

“Once again, thank you for all that you both do to provide local government with invaluable resources-professional and knowledgeable management assistance during transitional times…..”
David Watkins, City Manager, City of Bryan, Texas.

“As a result of our positive experiences, I would recommend Texas First Group to any City Council, or City Manager, who has a vacancy in a management position. Their network of retirees can provide immediate relief and expertise for your city or local government.”
Victor J. Burgess, Mayor, City of Corinth

“Texas First Group was able to provide an interim manager with the experience and knowledge we needed to carry us through until a full time manager was hired. If the situation arises again, the City of Flatonia will certainly call Texas First Group again.”
Jeff M. Hairgrove, Mayor City of Flatonia

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent service that we received from Texas First. From my first contact with your company, you were helpful and reassuring during our transition between city administrators.”
Thomas S DeLizio, MD, Mayor City of Electra

"The City of Cedar Park faced the difficult task of needing an interim city manager who could literally step into the position with the capability of picking up the ball and running with it!"
Bob Young, Mayor, City of Cedar Park, Texas

"On behalf of the City of West, I want to express our appreciation to Texas First Group for providing a professional manager to assist us during a difficult time for our community."
Sincerely, Tommy Muska, Mayor City of West, Texas.

"The interim had the experience that Kerrville needed in a time of staff transitions and leadership voids. As interim he was able to secure a world renowned speaker for an upcoming Economic Development Summit, and implemented several positive changes for us. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our board of directors if you have questions."
Kim Clawson, Kerrville Area Chamber Board Chair, 2017.

"We were fortunate to have a contact with Texas First Group, and they were able to bring a retired City Manager, who was not only available immediately but has been able to work with us to bring stability and knowledge to the organization and also to remain available as long as needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Texas First Group to any City in need of interim personnel."
Kelson Elam, Mayor, City of Heath, Texas

"As a result of unexpectedly losing our City Administrator in August 2019, the City of Magnolia again relied on Texas First Group, this time to provide an Interim City Administrator who saw us through a very challenging time for the past twenty-one (21) weeks, as well as provided recruitment services to find our new City Administrator. Our Interirn, performed at the highest level of professionalism, his solid experience, knowledge, expertise and abilities were much needed and appreciated during this difficult transition. We are truly grateful and sincerely appreciate that you were able to provide us with a seasoned professional to carry us through and we would not hesitate to recommend and/or use your services again, should it ever become necessary."
Todd Kana, Mayor, City of Magnolia

Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management Services

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Texas First Group - Replacement and Interim Management Services